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Keyboarding Skills Are Vital for ALL Ages!
Keyboarding Games

Professor Garfield
Activities for All Subjects/ Grades

This site presents a unique blend of entertainment, technology, and information designed to nurture self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-advocacy among all learners, including English Language Learners. It offers powerful creative tools and activities that showcase their creativity, pursue their interests, and discover new ways to succeed in and out of school.

ELA Standards
Language Skill Builders

Practice these activities to become more familiar with grammar skills.


Timed Facts Practice
Kids Numbers

In left-hand margin under "Kids Know It", click on desired skill (multiplication, division....).

On next screen, under "Let's Practice _____", stroll down to "Timed _____".

Students should insert a "9" into the first box that appears to practice facts 0-9, or for a challenge they can insert "12" to practice facts through 12.

In the second box that appears, students should insert "300" for the seconds since we generally have 5-minute fact quizzes (5 x 60= 300).

NOTE: The students should complete about 90-100 OR MORE "right" facts in the above time limit!

Timed Facts

What numbers do you want to multiply? 12

How high should the timer be set? Number of seconds: 300 (which is equivalent to 5 minutes)

Johnnie's Math Page

Several fun and interactive games that are based on the new Common Core Standards! Enjoy!

Black History Resouces and more!
NEA Celebrates Black History Month

Click on this link for resources that aide in helping you integrate the African-American culture and history into your curriculum of all subjects. 


Black History is American History!

Edutopia iterates that February opens the door to discussions about various diversity topics, but it is highly important to reinforce that Black History is American History. This link sets the stage for engaging students by providing several options to incorporate Black History into your lesson plans. 


Celebrate Black History!

Practice Math Facts

Khan Academy

Enter any concept that your child is struggling with into the box, "Learn almost anything for free...."

  • The simplicity of the lessons is phenomenal!

Multiplication Facts Practice

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