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We survived testing! YAY :) Miss Mena and I are are taking a step back and doing a fun review activity. We will be revisiting the skills used in area and perimeter to design a Tiny House. The activity is a lot of fun! The students will end by creating a blueprint of their very own tiny house! If time permits we will model the blueprints using shoeboxes!

Remind your students to keep working their hardest and doing their best in all their work!


Well Spring Break is just around the corner! I hope you all will be able to enjoy a quiet restful week! When we return we will be continuing our math standards covering fractions and decimals as well as reviewing for the upcoming state assessments. 

We are also working with measurement. We have been focused on the metric system this week and will move into the U.S. standard measurements when we return from break. 

We have had so much fun in science working with circuits. We discovered how to build a complete circuit to make a light bulb light. We tested various materials to determine whether they would conduct our battery current or not (ask your child if they remember what an insulator is!) 



Links to video tutorials:

I am excited about a new website that corresponds directly with our lessons! It is called ZEARN. Your student has a login/password to use for this site. The activities are called "missions" and they follow exactly with the lessons I have covered in class. It is almost like the skill is being taught twice! The students are able to go back a re-learn what they may have missed from my lesson. I am able to pull students who may need addtional help back to the teacher table while the others complete their missions. So far it seems to be working very well! I told the students they may work at home up to MISSION 5!

What's new?  

We are starting fractions next week! This unit is a tough one. The students will be learning a new way to look at fractions. In the past they have considered parts of a group, for example, 1/3 of a group of apples is red and 2/3 are green. Now we will focus on fractions as they relate to one whole. Whether it be a number on a number line or a pan of brownies, how can can we break them into fractions... We will focus on the benchmark fractions of 1/4, 1/2, 1/3, etc.

BIG NEWS! FIELD TRIP! We will be going to Montgomery for the 4th grade field trip on January 30th (Monday). Your student will be bringing home the permission slip as well as an information sheet. Please return BOTH as soon as possible.

The trip will cost $12.00. You will need to provide a lunch or purchase a sack lunch from the lunch room. We will leave the school at 7:30 am and return by 4:00p.m. Please bring your child early if they normally arrive after 7:30! 

***If you would like to attend, you must provide your own transportation!***

Science: In science we have started the unit on energy and motion. The students are very excited to begin our experiments with building circuits! We are talking about the different types of energy, potential and kinetic. I have added a few interesting links for you to check out!



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