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Retherford, Ronnie Principal

Anderson, Mary Grace 5th grade Math
Brown, Jenny 4th grade Science and Social Studies
Bruce, Kathy 2nd grade
Cardona, Marcella ESL
Christian, Gloria 5th grade Science and Social Studies
Connors, Kathryn Guidance Counselor
Dean, Sonya 3rd grade
Dozier, Deborah 6th grade Math
Fields, Emily 4th grade Reading and Language Arts
Gossen, Rochelle 6th grade Science and Social Studies
Granger, Lori 1st grade
Grimes, Shelley Physical Education
Hagins, Hilda Music
Hancock, Cassie 6th grade Reading and Language Arts
Harrison, Emily Intervention Teacher
Henderson, Jade 5th grade Reading and Language Arts
Jipson, Jade 3rd grade
Kincey, Evadna 1st grade
Lane, Marjorie 2nd grade
Lanier, Haley 2nd grade
Lawrence, Linda Instructional Partner
Macon, Connie 3rd grade
Martin, Amy Gifted Education
McCray, Audrey 4th grade Math
Mendoza, Lupita 1st grade
Murry, Ivy Instructional Partner
Rascoe, Amanda Library Media Specialist
Rowlett, Lana 1st grade
Singleton, Nancy 2nd grade
Smith, Deborah Special Education
Teel, Sandy Special Education
Thompson, Allison Physical Education
Tice, Dawn First Grade

Birchfield, Carole Instructional Aide
Brown, Eric Custodian
Greathouse, Christine Instructional Aide
Kilow, Lysandra Instructional Aide
Russell, Michelley Lunchroom Manager
Stocker, Maxine Nurse
Wheeler, Joe Instructional Aide
White, Gayle Secretary
Wiedemann, Adaline Clerical Aide
Williams, Polly Custodian

Donaldson, Jo Lunchroom