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Guidance & Counseling

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Welcome to Mrs. Connors Counseling Page




      The mission of the School Counselor Program is to offer effective counseling to all students in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development through large, individual and small group counseling.






       School Counselors are held to strict confidentiality. All issues shared in a student/parent/teacher counseling session will remain confidential. There are exceptions when confidence has to be broken; if someone is harming others or themselves, or being harmed by someone else.




School Counseling Sessions


       Large Group: I will do lessons in the classroom  monthly. The program is “Too Good for Violence”, which is an evidence based curriculum. TGFV promotes character development by strengthening eight key character traits listed below.


 1.    Caring

 2.    Cooperation

 3.    Courage

 4.    Fairness                 

 5.    Honesty

 6.    Respect

 7.    Responsibility

 8.    Self-discipline


TGFV helps students handle bullying and choose alternatives to violence, help differentiate between actions and feelings and to embrace diversity. It also focuses on anger management, conflict resolutions, effective communication and respect for self and others.


Small Group: I will work with groups once a week. Some of the topics could be:


·       Anger management

 ·       Anxiety

 ·       Grief                                           

 ·       Self-esteem

 ·       Social Skills




Individual : I will meet with an individual weekly, every other week, or as needed depending on the situation.




  • I will also consult with teachers, principal and parents concerning in all aspects of the counseling program.


  •  As always, a student can refer themselves for counseling as well as a parent, teacher or principal.




If you would like to meet with me please contact me at 334-347-5383to set up a conference.




























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